Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quick Update

Konnichiwa. I intended to update this thing more often, but I’ve been busier at night than I thought, but here’s a quick, simple update.

All the short term volunteers are gone now besides me, the team from Oregon left last Wednesday the 28th, and the couple from Germany, Markus and Christine Vates, left two days ago. We all had a lot of fun together and got a lot accomplished together. It was sad to see them all go.

Praise God, we were able to finish 99% of the shell of the meeting room just the day before the Oregon team left. We had beautiful weather the whole 2 ½ weeks and only had to work in the rain one day.

We’re trying to finish all of the outside work projects so that in the winter, groups can finish the inside work. Markus, Randy (the camp property manager), and I added a porch roof to a cabin and are re-roofing it now, we should finish tomorrow.

With Markus now gone, and Randy leaving for vacation soon, I’ll be working on a project of my own over the next several weeks. More about that project to come…

Since I knew my nights would be a lot quieter once everyone left, I made sure to take advantage of this last week with the Vates. There was also a German missionary family, the Heisswolf’s, that live in Japan and were here at the camp for vacation all last week. So just about every night we had a game night or a cooking night or went out to dinner, and then of course hiking on the weekends. No time to update a blog as you can see.

I’ll write more soon, but that’s just a quick update on what all I’ve been busy with. Praise God I haven’t had any illness or injury and the weather has been great. Although it’s starting to get a little chilly, we had our first snow a couple of nights ago.


  1. Thanks for the blog update Natester. It's interesting to see/hear what's going on there. God has gifted you in many ways, one of which is your easy-to-get-along-with personality. That's why you fit in so well with people you just meet... and they adopt you into thier lives right away. Keep serving our awesome Lord. Yes, many thanks to God for keeping you heathy and injury-free. Love ya son, Dad. (P.S. do you have any pictures of the new meeting room's finished shell? Will it have a kitchen and bathrooms? ... and a washlet?)

  2. Great to meet people from all over the world. Looks like you are making great progress. Relationhips are God's workmanship. I like the Eph 3:20. CHeck out Eph 3:16-18 in NLT... May your roots go down deep into Christ's love.