Saturday, December 19, 2009

Leaving Karuizawa

     Alright, so here's a post that's a little more up-to-date.  Starting from where I left off with my last post:  I was able to shingle that whole side of the roof that my addition is on, and then started on the roof on the opposite side of the cabin.  I had to completely rebuild a large portion of the roof on that side, and then put a new layer of plywood over everything and then shingle away.  We've had some snow that has tried to slow me down a couple of times, but I've been able to fend it off with a broom.  I also got the windows and front door installed on my addition.

     Well, I finally got around to trying sushi the other day, obviously it hasn't been on the very top of my priority list.  Cliff took me to a revolving sushi restaurant, a very interesting and popular place.  You sit at a table and there is a conveyor belt that runs by with all different kinds of sushi on it, and you just grab whatever looks good...or interesting...or edible....   I started with some raw shrimp and raw salmon, and they were good.  Then some raw eel, which was ok.  I eventually met my match with the raw tuna and then the nato (a slimy Japanese bean paste) both of which I had a hard time getting down, and neither of which I could finish.  I think the texture gets to you more than the taste! (sorry, I forgot my camera so don't have any pictures).  Overall it was a good experience, but I don't think I'll be having any sushi cravings after I return home.

     I'm in Tokyo now for the few days before I head to Chicago and will spend a day there debriefing before I head back home to Bloomington.  It was a sad day leaving Karuizawa, but at the same time I am looking forward to getting back home.

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