Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prep for 14

In addition to taking a couple trips to Tokyo to get my visa, cleaning out storage areas here at camp, hauling garbage to the dump, getting projects ready for the finish carpenter who is here, and trying to make friends and settle in, I've been preparing for cabin 14 to be built by a crew who just arrived on Sunday (11th).
It is almost the same group I worked with last fall on the meeting room; a couple from Germany, and two couples from Oregon.  The men will be framing cabin 14, and the women will be decorating the new language school building that was built by Japanese carpenters.
There was a lot of prep work to put into 14 before the crew arrived so that I could keep them busy without delays.  So the old cabin 14, which has only been a skeleton frame for the past few years, needed torn down and cleared off site.  A new concrete pier foundation needed put in, blue-plans for the new cabin needed to be drawn up, and all the materials that would be required to frame, roof, and side the cabin needed to be gathered.  I had just enough time to get it all done the Friday before they arrived.
Things are moving very fast now that the crew is here, so I'll need to make time to write another update soon, but that's all for now.

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